La música tradicional de Castilla y León
sus instrumentos sus bailes y sus canciones

Vanesa Muela, an international singer

Vanessa began singing at the age of four and six performed his first recital at the Teatro San Viator of Valladolid, singing on live twelve traditional songs.

More than 2,800 concerts across the country and in countries like Portugal, Italy, France and Greece are evident of the intense activity in these years Vanessa Muela.

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Hello friends, just released the Fall and I feel like doing background of what happened, which is much and good, throughout this year.

The new things I've experienced in my career, in this 2013 have all been very positive: the celebration on May 11, my 30th anniversary, was an unforgettable day full of great music, dancing and singing, shared with good friends, come all over the country, who gave everything and with a dedicated and loving audience was delighted with the show to prepare, and all of us had a lot of fun.

Then came the month of June and provided me an extraordinary travel to German lands, where I was hired to provide the music of my country, with two wonderful musicians and people such as Diego Escolano and Jonás Gimeno from Zaragoza. The meeting with them was a traditional Aragonese foray into music, I've been a lifetime fan.And so we went together beautifully mounted a group we decided to tour the world. In coming months they will record a demo to present our project and be able to move in both Spain and in the network of European festivals devoted to traditional music, models of which I'll give a good account in the coming months.

And if all this were not enough, I have to tell you that my usual courses percussion instruments cooking and tambourine, I have been doing since age 18, I add from now a new course to traditional dance called "Pies para qué os quiero", where I intend to teach people of all ages, some of the most important traditional dances for Castilla y León, as are the Jota, the songs or Seguidillas.

At this time there has only been one bad thing to lament the death of dulzainero and palentino friend Jose Maria Silva Naveros, 53, fellow sufferer for many years, which I will always remember and especially what I will do in each of my concerts .

Currently the outlook for the artists and the world of culture is pretty bad, as everything is, but we must continue to work tirelessly and try to put our best smiles to bad weather.At least glad the hearts of all who listen to us and all who feel the tradition seed grow inside.

Kisses everywhere and take care.


Fecha Evento Lugar
06.12 Sequeros (Salamanca)Teatro León Felipe
07.12 Matapozuelos (Valladolid)Plaza Mayor
03.01 Sigüenza (Guadalajara)Teatro Auditorio El Posito
06.03 Los viernes de la tradición.San Sebastian de los Reyes (Madrid)El caserón
07.03 BurgosSala Gamonal