La música tradicional de Castilla y León
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Vanesa Muela, Path

Vanesa Muela is a young singer and percussionist of Laguna de Duero (Valladolid), born June 10, 1978.

She graduated in History from the University of Valladolid since 2003 and specialist studies Tradition.

Vanesa began singing at the age of four and six performed his first recital at the Teatro San Viator Valladolid, singing live twelve traditional songs.

More than 3,000 concerts across the country and in countries like Portugal, Italy, Germany , France and Greece show intense activity in these years Vanesa Muela .

Their repertoire takes themes of the nine provinces of Castilla y León: jotas, ballads, work songs, Christmas, Carnival, charros, charradas, fandangos, seguidillas, agarraos, ligueros, rondas, corridos, rumbas, etc .

Moreover, in concert accompanied by twenty traditional instruments : guitar, rebec, tambourine, tambourine square, shells, sieve, carajillo, zambomba, darbouka and various kitchen tools like a mortar, spoons, pan or lid pot.

Usually is accompanied by a pair of traditional dance, as the symbiosis of song and dance makes the show an hour and a quarter in length is very complete and entertaining.

Vanesa is currently the lead singer 's concerts a year and has one of the most established voices in the landscape of the traditional song from Spain.

In May of 2013 held its XXX years on stage together more than two dozen musicians.

Multiple awards, merits and awards have been granted to Vanesa throughout his career. Prominent among others : the Award for "Interpretative Purity" granted by the Province of Valladolid in 1993 and the National Award of Ethnology "Cultura Viva", awarded by the CSIC in 2006 , in its fifteenth edition , prize for 1st time in history lay at such a young woman of only twenty-seven.

At 18, she was hired by the Teatro de la Zarzuela in Madrid, to sing a series of anonymous romances of the sixteenth century , by the Madrid Symphony Orchestra and the National Ballet of Spain, which was for her a wonderful and enriching experience.

Another Fields

Vanesa is the host of national and international folklore festivals since he was fifteen and radio host from twelve, getting to have their own radio programs dedicated to aerial roots music for ten consecutive years.

Vanessa also teaches traditional percussion in the School of Folklore Plaza de Castilla (Madrid), where he teaches to play the tambourine and various kitchen tools for people of all ages. Thanks to his extensive knowledge , his way of transmitting and sympathy, is one of the most requested by schools across the country folklore teachers.

Within these educational activities, especially highlights the work of Primary Schools and Institutes in Spain, which makes getting our traditional culture, through a specific program of traditional children's songs, which can participate in singing and dancing all the children .


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